• 1 – 20 t/h
  • 0.7 – 2 Mpa
  • Industrial
  • In Stock
  • Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, liquid propane gas, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc.
  • Heat supplying, chemical, food, textile, printing and dyeing, cigarettes and tobacco, fodder, pharmacy, building materials, brewery, rubber, hospital etc.

WSN series gas / oil fired industrial horizontal steam boiler is a kind of safety and high efficiency heating equipment with fully automatic intelligent control system. It’s a boiler shell type 3 passes wetback oil/gas fired boiler. Usually, the WNS series steam boilers widely used for industry production and processing, such as textile mill, medicine industry, food & beverage industry, chemical industry, garment industry, food processing industry, and wood processing industry, moreover, it could be used for central heating in enterprise, hotel, hospital, civil architecture, etc.

US Patent for Recovery of styrene from pyrolysis

An extractive distillation process for separating at least one substituted unsaturated aromatic from a pyrolysis gasoline mixture, containing said aromatic and at least one close-boiling aromatic or non-aromatic hydrocarbon, employing a two part extractive solvent, the first part selected from propylene carbonate, sulfolane (tetramethylene sulfone), methyl carbitol, 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, 2

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for boiler systems - Union. 2016-10-11 · COPlants 2 Extraction for boiler systems CO2 Extraction Plants (EBU) are based on importing flue gas from boilers fired with various fossil fuels such as diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, kerosene, natural gas, LPG or LNG.

Potential of Renewable Energies Integration in a

Potential of Renewable Energies Integration in an Essential Oils Extraction Process In order to prepare natural anti-mosquito agent, the volatile oil was extracted from artemisia argyi by three-step of water extraction, steam distillation and organic solvent extraction. Three factors have been optimized. They were material/liquid ratio

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Extractive distillation has been used for continuous and rectifying batch columns in separating azeotropic mixtures by feeding an extractive agent, normally a high boiler, near the top of the column. Using insights developed for continuous distillation, we compare extractive distillation using the batch rectifier and middle vessel column and

Principles of Steam Distillation Scienci

The steam distillation process works on the principle that when a mixture of two or more undissolved liquids are heated, while ensuring that the surfaces of both liquids are in contact with the atmosphere, the vapor pressure exerted by the system increases.

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Boiler Emission Control with Fuel Oil Emulsion (FOE . 2017-7-13·Boiler Emission Control with Fuel Oil Emulsion (FOE) Technology . The formulation of an emulsion surfactant agent must take into account the need to preserve the stability of the In contrast, heavy oil emulsions appear black in color - like their base oil - but flow liberally at a somewhat lower temperature than do their

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conton fair oil gas boiler - starzwemmen.nl. marine oil-fired exhaust-gas composite boiler. The basic structure of COB-series Oil-fired exhaust-gas boiler has a natural circulation system with a boiler shell. According to the height between the decks and the way of the host engine discharge the gas, this series boiler can be . Learn More. Get A

Solvent Distillation System How do Solvent Distiller

Dangers Associated With Onsite Solvent Distillation Systems. When properly configured and installed, there is no risk related to using a solvent distillation system in a shop. However, there are risks associated with the use of solvents in your shop that you should be aware of before implementing such a process in your facility.

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The solvent distillation plants then switches off and is ready for manual or fully automatic emptying. The distilled or purified solvent flows continuously from the solvent distillation plants into the customer's on-site tank. Perfect scraper system in ASC-1500 solvent distillation plants

distillation of essential oil by clevenger apparatu

Natural oils, waxes, colours, aromas and flavours can be extracted and due to their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties longer shelf-live can be achieved. Estimation of Essential Oil by Clevenger apparatus Clevenger apparatus is used for the determination of percentage of volatile oils present in the oil-bearing material.

ModelRated steam capacity(t/h)Rated working pressure(Mpa)Rated steam temperature(℃)Maximum transport size(m)
WNS1.5-1.0-Y(Q) 1.511843.0×1.8×2.0
WNS2-1.0-Y(Q) 211844.4×2.1×2.5